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California Radiators - Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning ~ We'll Keep You Cool in Summer!

We strive to make California Radiator your best source for automotive air conditioning service, repair, diagnosis and troubleshooting center. We can diagnose any auto A/C system.

Flushing the Auto A/C system is very important for proper performance. Contamination in the Auto A/C system can lead to catastrophic failure! Did you know that less than 1/10th of a teaspoon of gunk can cause your A/C compressor to fail!

Complete air conditioning service available for most vehicles, both foreign and domestic. We service both 134A and R12.

Heaters ~ We'll Keep You Warm during the Winter!

Is your heater performing poorly due to blockages in the heater core or a bad thermostat? Does the defroster fog up your windows with a oily film & smell of antifreeze? California Radiator can solve these problems. A clogged heater core, in most cases, does not require it to be replaced. A thorough, reverse flushing of the heater core and the rest of the cooling system usually solves the problem. In cases where the heater core is leaking, replacement is required. We also replace thermostats.

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